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Bone-breaking biker!

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You know the saying, “Life Begins at 40″! Well, I don’t know what it is about being 40-something, but I love it! Seven weeks ago, I was at my favourite pub, I had been drinking my favorite, Goldschlager and the buzz had just kicked in. This fine biker dude comes in wearing those fine chaps that make everybodys behind look fabulous. I couldn’t help myself and I had to tug on the strings that hang down the back, which got an awesome response and a smile from him. A bit later when it got too hot inside the pub, I went outside to cool off. There he sat on his Big Boy Harley. I walked over and hiked my leg and sat on the bike facing him. I proceeded to lie back on the gas tank, he leaned forward and started up the bike for vibration (ok, we were harmlessly simulating sex). We then engaged in this awesome kiss, next thing I know, pain, major pain, the bike had fallen over, I landed on the left side of my back, and rolled a bit to my side just as he and the bike fell on me… oh yeah… I broke 3 ribs in 5 places! The next day, he comes by and has a new kickstand on his bike, the biggest one I ever saw in my life… but I’ll never do that again!

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Landlord @ April 17, 2008

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