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Privacy Policy

The Landlord would like to remind everyone that what goes on in the pub, stays in the pub, and as such…

What we do:

  • We do store confessor’s emails. How else would we regularly remind you how great we are.
  • We do date and timestamp confessions, and we will display the date.
  • We will display your name as submitted. We appreciate the wife might not like to know about your shenanigans, so fake names are acceptable as long as they aren’t rude.
  • On request, we will remove or reveal any information we hold about you, providing you provide adequate proof of identity and you’ve squared your tab.

What we don’t do:

  • We do not display your email to the general public.
  • We will not share our email database with any other pub, brewery or organisation, despite how attractive their representatives are.

Landlord @ February 23, 2008